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The Google subculture

It seems as if Google is on its way to become the new subculture. Most of you have already surfed through Google Video or at least heard of it I guess. There probably are hundreds if not thousands of videos nobody in the world would ever watch voluntarily, but (and that kind of surprised me) there are also some funny clips among them. Already talked about on Federico’s blog some time ago, Pomme & Kelly – two 15 year old Dutch girls posting lip synched music clips – are probably among the most popular on Google Video – and might be the rising stars of a Google Video subculture. In fact, another website has jumped on the bandwagon and put online Google Idol, being, as the name already suggests, the Google version of American Idol (better known in Europe as “Star Academy” or “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”). The nominees this week are those two Dutch girls as well as a girl and a boy of whom apparently not even the name is known.
And my opinion on this? I’m quite shocked about myself, but I like it! Yes, I’m outing myself as a fan of Pomme & Kelly. I love how they illustrate the total absurdity and idiocy of stupid songs such as “Because I got high” (by Afroman), “No Matter” (by Boyzone) or “Not a girl not yet a woman” (by Britney Spears). Also, there is much more originality and quality in these videos than on any of the standardized websites showing nothing but pictures of drinking and smoking kids way too young to legally get their hands on such substances.
Oh, and these girls at least have a fairly good knowledge of English, whereas (almost?) nobody on a website knows Luxemburgish…
But don’t get me wrong now here: for what considers buying videos, Google Video in my opinion totally sucks. ;)

7 thoughts on “The Google subculture”

  1. Ok t’ass effektiv e bessen komesch gedr?©it… Am Prinzip sin ech net geschockt dass Bl??dsinn mer gef?§llt, mee dass et op Google Video tatsaach Clips gin d?©i mer gefaalen. Ech hat do dat Virurdeel do wier n?§ischt ze fannen wat een sech g?©ing fr?§iwelleg undoen. :)

  2. Jo et sch?©ngt relativ vill l?´schteges dob?§i ze sin. Just hieren System fir Videoen ze kafen k?©innten se mol komplett em?§nneren. :)

  3. Google Video ass eigentlech jo just en pendant zu Google Images, den Versuch eng Video-search-engine ze man. D’Idee gef?§llt mir eigentlech ganz gut. Zum Thema dass do nemmen schaiss drob ass, soen ech just 90% vum Internet ass nemmen Schaiss ;) Ech kann och keen letzebuergesch schreiwen, mecht daat mech direkt zum Kiddie? Hoffen net ;)

    An zum Thema “drinking and smoking kids way too young to legally get their hands on such substances.” Hun mir och gemaat, an huet et ons geschued?? Argh… okay 1:0 fir dech ;)

  4. Ee Pendant zu Google Images ass et net wierklech, du muss d’Videoen selwer androen an d’Videoen gin op de Google Servers gesp?§ichert. :)

    Jo, stemmt och alt nees, dee gr?©issten Deel vum Internet ass sch?§iss… Schon eleng dee l?´tzebuergeschen Deel dovunner, do kennen mer bei 99% Bordell usetzen, an dann ass dat nach idealistesch. ;)

    Du schreiws awer schon zum Beispill net “ej” amplaz “ech”. D?§i l?´tzebuergesch ass em Meilen besser w?©i dat vun iergendengem op,, oder wat wees ech net nach alles fir Dreckskeschten.

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