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My fallible percipience, which has always been endeavouring to discern
Your variegated life, that is shimmering so lacklustrely,
Has disembogued into a fathomless creek of intricacy.
I’m discombobulated: this introspection dawns almost into third degree,
But why do I humble myself? Am I infatuated?
Yet my apperception seems to insinuate perspicaciousness.

The amaurosis has cauterized my emotions.
The dearth of yearning for concupiscence, belike salaciousness,
Decries me, pushes me into disintegration.

Brace yourself! Sojourn a breathing within your essence,
Sight her pulchritude and relish the grace of her soul!

The quest for pensiveness has made me woebegone –
Now that aramants blossom and twine around me
I cannot extinguish the wish anymore to fall into oblivion.

My fallible percipience has belatedly but at last discerned
Your variegated life, that is shimmering so dazzingly beautiful,
And descries an alluring arcadia of adoration and yen.
I’m pining: this craving dawns almost into love,
But why do I humble myself? Am I spellbound?
My perception seems to have sacrificed all reasoning power.

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