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A happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who celebrate it. Here’s my modest contribution to this overly commercialized festivity.

About Uniqueness

Amidst strangers, belike I would come upon an affection:

In Wellington
Could be a pretty girl with blond hair and a tattoo,
(We’d share a glamorous dance in a golden ballroom)
In a marvellous country with nature untouched.

In Tokyo
Could be a startling girl with pink hair and a blue top,
(We’d share a hush embrace that would say it all)
In an exotic place at the far side of the world.

In Bombay
Could be a stupendous girl with black hair and colourful clothes,
(We’d attend a festivity full of chant going on till noon)
In a mysterious country alive with wonders.

In Jerusalem
Could be a beauteous girl stepping on holy ground,
(We’d be ravished by each other in front of the Wailing Wall)
In a sanctuary that is astonishing time and again.

But for all that,

Have I already encountered
The most pulchritudinous being,
The most chaste soul,
(You’re an unconfutable prima facie of perfection)
And I shall shed you love ad Kalendas Graecas
(I’ll breathe iwalu every single day)
In this country that I’d vacate if not for you.

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