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Yes, I’m still awake. If I wouldn’t fear a weird dream like the ones I had the last few nights, maybe I would already sleep.
Nobody’s online, not even my friends living in completely different timezones.
To quote The White Stripes: “I just don’t know what to do with myself”.
Yes, I’m that dozy that I actually think of a White Stripes song! Wow… Not my usual musical taste. Not at all. I might shilly-shally if I should listen to the song, but fortunately I don’t have it. :)
I’ve been doing some research for a new podcast episode, but I can’t record. My voice would sound a bit weird as I’d have to try not to speak too loud in order not to wake everybody up.
Guess I’ll just have to watch yet another episode of Desperate Housewives. It’s gonna be a fun night. :)

Oh, by the way, here are some strange thoughts that are popping up in my mind right now.

… God always knew the future, why did he still create humanity?
… we all have to die, why are we born in the first place?
… we are reborn, will we be the same person?
… there is no afterlife, why live by so called divine rules?
… there is a God, does he have parents and siblings?
… Jesus comes back, will we believe him?
… I tell you I love you, will you say you do, too?
… life is a big party, why isn’t the hangover worth the fun?
… the truth is the basis of trust, why do we lie?
… help is the basis of friendship, why do most friends turn away?
… we lived forever, how many times would we feel bored?
… we all need friends, why do we have so few?
… X8-372 is X6-672, why do I still see a difference?
… you don’t understand the preceding sentence, you aren’t supposed to.

may be continued

4 thoughts on “4:07”

  1. If
    … God always knew the future, why did he still create humanity?
    … we all have to die, why are we born in the first place?

    let me attempt an answer ;)
    first one is easy: in a flawless world even god would bore himself to death
    second is a bit more tricky ;): we are born to be able to die :) if you are not born you cannot die .. and who would like to miss that ?

  2. Why do we always ask ourselves such questions, which are in fact just stupid. Personally I think that we shouldn’t think or care to much about our future, because the only thing that these thoughts do to us, is that the ruin “the moment”, now… Is that what life is meant to be? Feeling sorry for the past, being afraid of what’s to come, and so ruin the present?

    Why not just live for the moment? Or at least for the week? Of cause you always should be aware of the short and long time consequences of what we do, and act according to these. I know that I’m going to repeat myself, but spending your life, being afraid and feeling sorry, would be pretty pathetic, wouldn’t it?

    So what about this this leitmotiv for your life:

    Care about what you do now, and you won’t have to worry about things that were or are to come…

  3. Wow. :)

    I guess there’s still too much I’ve done in the past that I regret to simply move on. I’ve been trying, but so far I haven’t really reached the goal yet.
    It may sound a bit ridiculous, but I’ve known this regret for so long now that I’m a bit scared of how it would be if this regret is gone.
    Maybe it’s also because, if I ever get a chance to make everything right, it’s before September. But I have no idea how to correct my mistakes and cannot move on without having done that, it would haunt me forever.

    Oh and my post about leaving this country forever probably is, in the end, nothing more than the wish for a fresh start somewhere where I’m not constantly reminded of my past.

    Hopefully one day it will make click and I will live by “Carpe Noctem”. :-)

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