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(Explicit content following! Not my usual level I know, but I’m pretty sick and tired of everything right now so I hope you’ll forgive for once.)

Vermillion skies
Bloodshot eyes
Let your hypocritic pity be
Fuck off I’m angry
You say others’ problems are worse
But I know my life’s the greatest curse
I don’t care about others’ stupid problems
Hell get over your flurry
You’re a real pain in the ass
You smell like sewer gas
Now would you let your hypocrism be at last
Many senseless minutes already passed
With your embarassing hugs full of ulterior motives
So would you finally fuck off
I’m seething with rage

Songs of the day:
“Suicide” – Meat Beat Manifesto
“Washing me away in the tides” – Trivium
“Her portrait in black” – Atreyu

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