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Having had to write the personal statement for the application to university and a discussion with Serge about whether we have a real influence on our lifes lead me to think about where I’m going to be in a few years and what I’m going to do.

It is kind of irritating not knowing an exact answer to the question. I always imagined coming back to Luxembourg after my studies and live here for the rest of my life, but I did never really think about it. At the moment I don’t know if I want to return after having finished university, I don’t know if meeting new friends and gaining new experiences will cause me to go on living in a different country.

It is weird thinking about this for the first time. I never considered not coming back. A few months ago a friend of mine told me she was not going to return after her studies, and I was shocked – if only because this meant I wouldn’t see her often. But I finally come to understand what might have caused her decision and it kind of scares me that I got reasons not to return myself.

Partially it is certainly due to my dissatisfaction about still being here. It’s not so much studying at the University of Luxembourg – although that bugs me too – but rather the fact of still being in that capital where I have been passing most of my time for the last six years and walking past the different high schools I’ve been to every day. And there are a whole series of people I’d rather not see so often or even not at all.
Yes, I have to blame myself for everything was already set to go to Germany and I reconsidered the decision of studying German philology in the very last moment, but that decision was the right one to make. I study German philology as a minor subject now – and it’s terribly boring.

During the first week of class, we had this simple but tough exercise of writing an article about our life in 2020. I was a webdesigner, lived in Vancouver, was married, had two children and lived in a nice single-family house. Oh, and not to make it too boring, I had just become Time Magazine’s man of the year. :) To be a webdesigner is only a great dream, seriously, designing websites is nothing more than a nice hobby and I can’t imagine working in an industry in which firms vanish as quickly as they are created, but living in Vancouver would be great!

The more I think about it, the more I’d love to live in a large city – Vancouver, Wellington, San Francisco would be great places to name a few. I’m not keen on spending more years in a city which looks like a ghost town after 18 o’clock.

And what am I going to do? Writing has been taking on most of my free time. I’m not planning on becoming a writer, poet or whatever. But I’m starting to realize that I cannot deny the possibility anymore either. My vision of which business I’m going to work in blurs the more I try to get a clear view of it.

Will I leave Luxembourg forever this September? Maybe, maybe not. At the moment at least I have absolutely no reason to return. Will I be good enough to earn money with my texts? Well I’m definitely lacking the hubris to think that. :-)

Here I am world, tell me where to go.

2 thoughts on “2020”

  1. Ech sinn zwar r?©ischt op enger 2e, mee ëch hu mer schon eigentlech bal d?©i selwecht Froën gestallt. Ech wees mol nach nëtt richtëg, wat ech no der Premi?®re stud?©iren wëll … Allerdings wor ëtt bei mir schon ëmmer sëcher, dat ech nëtt op d’Uni Lëtzebuerg wëll goen. Nëtt wëll et eng schlecht Schoul wier, mee well ëch mengen, dat ëtt wann ee schon an sou engem klengen L?§ndchen w?©i Lëtzebuerg lieft, et unzeroden ass och mol (mindestens fier eng Z?§itchen) rauszekommen, an ze kucken w?©i d’Saach an L?§nner leeft, d?©i vl?§it nëtt sou verwinnt sin. Wann ech d?©i finanziell Mëttlen h?§tt, oder eventuell kinnt opbrengen, giff ech mol nëtt nee dozou soen, ganz w?§it fort stud?©iren ze goen (Canada, USA, Australien …), obwuel ech mat Frankr?§ich, der Schw?§iz oder England och schon zefridden wier ;)
    Ob ech dono zreck op Lëtzebuerg g?©ing wunne goën? Ech mengen dat w?§ert fier mech selwer nach eng ganz laang Z?§it onsëcher bleiwen …

  2. Gleew mer, ech wollt och ni op d’Uni L?´tzebuerg, ech hat och schon alles f?§rdeg fir an D?§itschland, souguer eng Wunn?©ng hat ech schon. Mee wel ech eben och net wousst wat ech s?©cher well stud?©iren hun ech am leschten Moment awer nach op Anglistik emgeschwenkt an dunn houng ech hei…
    USA oder Australien g?©ing mech fir ze stud?©iren lo net sou reizen (obwuel ech nawell g?§r g?©ing eng K?©ier eng l?§nger Z?§it do verbr?©ngen), mee Canada wier scho cool. Och well ee vu menge beschte Kolleegen vrun zwee Jo?´r dohi geplennert ass an ech deen dann vl?§it m?©i oft k?©innt gesin. En plus wollt ech shcon emmer mol eng K?©ier dat Land gesin. :)

    Wahrscheinlech ass d?©i Fro op een s?§i ganzt Liewen hei zu L?´tzebuerg well verbr?©ngen nach fir bal jiddereen ongekl?§rt. An et wees een och ni wou et een hif?©iert. Gottseidank och iergendw?©i, soss wier d’Liewen nemmen hallew sou spannend. :)

    Merci fir de Kommentar, ech mengen dat war dee l?§ngsten deen ech bis elo krut. :-)

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