goldcut (v)


(metaph.) to be broken every single rib, torn your heart out and watch it being cut open with a golden knife


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  1. gilles


  2. Some people might simply call it complete agony and blank despair. But such expressions don’t really get the whole extent.

  3. Nic

    Well, I don’t really get it.

    By reding your comment I thing a “goldcut” should describe the most painful feeling of any kind one could possibly imagine.

    But there are two things I don’t understand.

    At first: Why “gold”? What is that brutal, or let’s say that “bad” about gold? Why is it a golden knife?

    The other thing that doesn’t seem quiet logical too me is the word itself. I mean neither “gold”, nor “cut”, nor both put together seem like particulary painful expressions to me.

    You use the expression “agony” in your comment, or even “despair”, which both are feelings that become even more painful the longer they last. So there I don’t see the link with the short an very finite seeming expression “goldcut”. (To me a cut always seems painful but abrupt and short.)

  4. I actually used the term in one of The Fallen poems which used to be on this website but which I took offline a couple of months ago, because I decided that they were only to be considered as drafts and started reworking them.

    The Fallen, if you’re new to this website and not familiar with these poems, was basically about a man who lost the one person he loved by not being there when she needed him the most (and from this starting point a whole mythology developed, spanning over some 50 poems).
    Well it gets pretty complicated and rather tough to explain in a single paragraph so let me cut to the chase: the “gold” is to illustrate that no matter how great the pain is, it’s still love that makes him feel this way, and even if that love (as it is now unrequited) destroys him, love is still the greatest feeling of all. As a concrete example: even if your love interest doesn’t care about you, your love for that person is not really lessened. It’s painful to feel that way, but at the end of the day it’s still love. There is nothing bad about love itself, it is “golden”.

    You are right by saying that a “cut” is short, but it is more the consequence thereof which creates the agony and despair. He gets the ultimate evidence that the love is unrequited, showing this evidence only takes a short moment, but what follows can last a lifetime. Therefore “goldcut” implies total agony.

    I hope I could make things a bit clearer… Feel free to ask if I wasn’t as clear as I hope to have been. :)

    And thanks for the comment.

  5. Nic

    Thanks for explaning. It makes things more clear indeed.

    I’m really looking forward to reading these poems, when finished.

  6. You’re welcome. I’m glad I could make things more lucid.

    I’m looking forward to working on them again as unfortunately my workload lately didn’t really allow me to work on a lot of personal projects. As soon as they’re done this blog will be the place to tell people about it so stay tuned. :)

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