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Stop searching someone who will love you and that person will find you.

It was a balmy autumn day, some trees had already begun losing their leaves, and filled the streets with redish colors. I have always loved this season, the quiet nostalgia and the silence of nature that has done its work and is coming to a rest.

I was sitting in my favourite café on the town square, drinking a toddy while reading Dean Koontz’s “Life Expectancy”. I had just come to the part where the main character, called Jimmy, describes the leaving of the girl he’s fallen in love with, Lorrie, when a beautiful girl entered the café. It was no love at first sight, but still I instantly felt some kind of deep link to her of which I did not manage to understand the origin. Or perhaps, that is love at first sight.

When you meet your soul mate, you will know by the universe’s susurration: “look, here is what everyone between my infinite borders looks for: perfection, the proof of God”.

She went towards me. I couldn’t see anything but her smile and her beautiful eyes that shined in this slightly dimmed corner of the café. Her body was only a silhouette, far beyond my perception. She wasn’t simply that beautiful girl I’d have liked to invite for a drink. What I saw was beyond description, but, in spite of that, I’ve been trying to clothe it in words ever since: I saw a human being, a soul, someone who I comprehended in her wholeness from the first instant on. I did not even care about her appearance, it didn’t matter whether she had blond hair or if she had dyed it some fancy color. It did not matter whether she had blue eyes or brown eyes. I forgot the imaginary woman of my dreams that very instant.

She sat down at the table next to mine, opened her handbag, put a book on the table and looked at the carte. Next to her table was a partition wall which, although it was only four feet high, made me feel as if we were separated from the rest of the world.

It might have been pure coincidence that I was just reading the passage where Jimmy describes his feelings for Lorrie while I was experiencing such a weird and yet singular situation, but it felt as if some wise being had carefully planned all of this. I suddenly imagined Lorrie looking just like the girl who sat next to me. I couldn’t resist turning around. At that moment I noticed she was reading the same book and had read about as much of it as I had.

She looked over to me and smiled. It was only then that I noticed she had a decent nose piercing, which, although I did not like piercings, beautified her even more.

“Well Lorrie, I always thought I’d meet you at a library.”

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