“Now we have to talk about Nora!”

Only one exam left, a two and a half hours essay on modernist fiction – James Joyce and Henry James to be exact.

Then, tomorrow morning at 11.30 a.m., the holidays will begin! :-) Finally I will be able to fully concentrate on finishing the new design for naischtnotz.net and I’ll get more time to write – which means I might finally finish the third part of One and I might even write some short stories, I have a few ideas looming in my mind. :-)

By the way, for those of you who wonder, the title’s a quote by the prof of that class (the name of Joyce’s wife was Nora Barnacle).

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  1. Serge

    isnt this cute, you have holidays at least and you think you may then concentrate on doing something else rather than entertaining me ??? :P this is an outrage :D
    well anyway have luck with your essay :D (and dont write so much gibberish as there is in the wikipedia article you are refering to :P)

  2. You got school, you shouldn’t be entertained, you should learn. :-P

    Thanks. Even if the essay’s finished since 11.30. :-)

    I hadn’t even read the article on Wikipedia. :-)

  3. Sepisultrum

    Then it gives also time to make an HCl meting :)

  4. As long as its not Saturday evening, I’ll be there. :-) Been anticipating that meeting for the last weeks. :-)

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