In a black mood


Got me wandering
Where to turn
There are dark clouds
Won’t you take me home?
Oh please, won’t you take me home?
(Aqualung: Take me home)

The world is insane. God is an old pervert. The devil is his best friend. Family is the greatest evil. Life is a bale. Fate is a curse.

The audio player is playing this depressing song by Aqualung. I’m completely in low spirits.

Endorphine, adrenaline, dopamine, testosterone rushing through the body. And serotonine down to zero. Being in love is a terrible disease.

“I don’t think she’s beautiful”. How could anyone dare saying that about a girl to the one who’s in love with her?

Ignorance is a medication against pain that has the slight side effect of causing even more agony to others.

My thoughts are running round in circles. My hatred for someone I should care about is growing.

How did you dare? Not even the people I like the least have ever said such a thing.

It’s easier to drop off to silence.

What a day. Sometimes I ask myself why I’m doing this to myself.

I’m counting down the days till I finally get out here.


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