White lily


She was enslaved.

Watch her, manunkind, as her heart is burning.
See her, slashing her wrists, as her faith is leaving.
Remember her, cyring for help all her life, as she was slowly dying.

She was raped.

Not because of what He has done, not because of what she did,
But because of what we are doing, she suffered and died.

Now is years too late to save her,
Here was always the right place to help.
Now is the last chance of honoring her legacy,
Here is the right place to help others.

She was slayed.

Now will be tomorrow, always.
Here is everywhere for all eternities to come.

Now must not be tomorrow, always.
Here should be a singular place in the past of a future where we stood up.

She was an innocent child.
And no words, no images, no sounds,
Nothing in this universe
Could describe the pain inflicted on her.

She was innocent. So are thousands of others.

Let us not forget. Ever.


2 responses to “White lily”

  1. Serge

    manunkind ? what sort of thing is that? (maybe it is a typing mistake but i wanna be sure :P)
    your title combined with the text is in my opinion on a narrow edge towards becoming admonishing :), i like your subtle lyric better (even if then i understand only about a third of it)

  2. ‘Manunkind’ is a neologism by e.e. cunnings, as for the meaning it should be easy to figure it out.
    I know the poem is near to an admonishment and I like writing subtle lyric better, but these thoughts simply had to get out as clear as possible. I will perhaps go over it again, but I don’t think this will happen within the next days. :-)
    Until then, you’ll have to live with the fact that I have written a less subtle poem about trafficking in human beings. Sorry. :-P

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