A bit lost

Have you ever remembered something of which you’re not sure if it ever happened? I have this one memory that has been floating through my mind for the past few days. I don’t even know why I remember it, maybe a smell, a sound or a touch is responsible.

What drives me crazy is the fact of not knowing if the whole scene is only a dream that for some strange reason has made it into my consciousness, or if it has really happened and I just can’t remember the exact circumstances. If it were something totally irrealistic, e.g. flying like Superman, it would be easy to decide on whether it is real or not, but it’s a most banal situation of me walking through town with some friends. It could be a perfect example for a Freudian analysis: dark street, we are standing in front of a hotel not really knowing in which part of the city we are, some guys walking past us that look like they’re thinking whether they should use their knifes or their guns to steal our money. Or it could simply an evening that I have forgotten about because it wasn’t important. But then, why is the memory coming back to me?

There’s none of those people of this memory here to ask if it has happened or if I’m simply on the edge of reason again. I thought writing it down might help, but unfortunately it seems not.

I’ll be back with a less confusing post. :)

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