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We are humanity

Google’s shares go down in value nearly eleven billion dollars because they try to protect people’s privacy rights, in Russian temperature keeps falling as far as minus 61 degree centigrade and claims more and more victims, in New York a dead man is sitting in the subway without anyone noticing, in Germany a father aged fifty is sentenced for having abused his then twelve year old daughter and made a porn film with her, in Belgium an ex-headmaster lets half-naked minor girls fight against each other while tapping the whole thing and asking a hundred euros of men to watch them, a German journalist forces two minor boys into oral and anal sex, a medic is charged of abusing his female patient in the ambulance, an online gamer aged twenty-one commits suicide in front of his webcam. The conservative catholic organization Opus Dei desperately tries to get a PG-13 for The Da Vinci Code.

Why shouldn’t I be proud to be a human?

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