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Here I am, listening to this song telling me about someone
In whom I have stopped believing over two years ago.
Here I am, holding a possible future in my hand,
Trying to get a clear view on the far side of this shore.
With every grain of sand I screen through my fingers
The pieces of the puzzle fit together more and more,
And finally, the potential future becomes my love for you.
Here I am, asking the question to which I know the answer:
What shall I fear besides knowing I will lose you forever?
Here I am, on my knees, begging you to keep me here
Only a bit longer, and eternalize this last summer.
I must go now and never return to where I will always remain.
Here I am, knowing you have always been in my heart
And always will.

(song of the moment: “Who Am I” by Casting Crowns)

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