What stumbles there in obsurity,
Through glooming in this blackish blue
Will have been put on the rack.
Cry and break under torture my beloved –
Howl! What falls here in darkness is darkness,
What spreads where evil lies is evil –
Foresuffer, my darling, here I come
To chain your soft hands and cut your fingers of.

I’m wandering through dark, unable to find light, I stumble, hit the walls. Again. My arms are aching, my elbows feel bleeding. The dark red ceiling is blue. Is coming closer. I am creeping, clinging, truckling – too dim is the dead phoenix’s fire, too loud is the silence. Leave me alone, together with the one who was already gone.

But it is a dream – wake up! only a dream. It is so too real. Blue or red pill? Your choice will be mine, will be definite. We will meet in room 101 by hook or by crook.

Therefore give me your hope and faith,
I will treat it well where you died.
I the void after our eximplosion
Have killed your trust, now let me cut off your soft hair –
Black is the color you love, blue I affect.

No light at the end of the tunnel, almost no bright at all. But where is the dim coming from? No windows, no doors. Noiseless paces speeding up, coming closer. I can hear the loud inaudible. A breath, a dreadful groaning streaming through the corridor, pushing me away from the beginning towards the end in their vicious circle.

Let me endure this horror a bit longer and save me from the terror. What will happen has occured in my fears, whatever is following me knows better than anyone else. How pathetic! welcome to death you unworthy living.

Angst haunts me where depression left me alone. I lie lying, turning and tossing in my bed, wanting to lay my head on the white shoulder, bathed in perspiration and waiting for honor to whisper in my ear.

Obsession is wondering about the wanderer
Stepping through the won’t and the want –
Come here, slowly stepping, I am your crook
If you get to me. Hold on to the unintelligible,
It will die you together now us.
Forelove, my darling, here I come
To take your hand and lead you into darkness,
Where dystopia and love will have been.

– – – –
Na’ima is Arabic meaning comfort, happiness, peace, benefit or tranquility.

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