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Some keywords by which people came on this blog.

sad thoughts
Well seems fitting…
italian podcast
I’d have been glad to help ’cause it would mean I knew a good one.
It’s something I’ll never understand: why google an url?
nice christmas thoughts
Gonna be tough to find some here…
thoughts of great peoples
It’s people (without the ‘s’), but thanks for the compliment… I guess…
i am sad blog
significance of that light had now vanished forever
Another ‘Great Gatsby’ fan :)
moonriver lyric
What is moonriver lyric?
sad love thoughts
Oh hell, welcome to my world :)
legend of maori god paikea
watching ‘Te Kaieke Tohora’ might be an idea
Wow, one comment by Naddyn and I got another visitor :)
nickelback far away itunes
Oh! Oh! Take me! Oh! Got a crazy idea: why not look on iTunes?
luxemburgish artists
smell of chestnuts
Hey that’s my metaphor! Who’s using that?
deep thoughts on falling in love
Oh man…
heles thierry
Yep, that’s me!
ben tibber fan
Not a fan really, although his performance as David was great.
anarchist thoughts blog
This is probably the place you were looking for.
most sold newspaper in the world
photography of prison life for children in bulgaria
How the hell did you get here?

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