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“Inane” reviews

Here are the reviews I got so far by some other poets at the poetry pages community – actually the first poem I ever got reviews about by people I don’t know. :)

“A good first post, i love the imagery. (…) Really the only thing, in my opinion, that this one needs is a true ending, the one you have just feels like you’ve stopped mid-sentence. You’ve titled this “Inane,” so you might make some statement on why it came to this or why it is so senseless/empty. I feel you have a message in this poem but you’re just not saying it, you’re only giving examples of the things in your message. Give it some work and see what you can come up with.
Other than that, the rest is great.” – Drew Rush

“You’ve used one of my favorite new words “Inane”. The ending was very fitting; I felt it brought fourth a lot of closure. The last line was a repeat of an earlier line so it was all the more fitting…that and it was powerful….your suppose to end with a powerful line and you did that…marvelous word….
Poverty…. what a brave thing to write about. Most people cushion themselves with “love” in their poems….” – Floetry Spades

“great poem filled with much imagery… thumbs up” – Debbie Forest

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