Just a note for the hackers and geeks of you out there: the German television sender RTL2 will be airing the movie ’23’ starring the ingenious August Diehl as Karl Koch tonight at 11pm (after ’24′(!)). The movie shows the life of Koch aka Hagbard Celine, a pioneer in the German hacker scene in the 1980s who was obsessed with the Illuminati and the number 23. He died at the age of 23 (!) in 1989 – the cause still remains a mystery.
The movie is surely an absolute must-see for every geek. :-)

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  1. Serge

    so i guess we wont see you tonight :P

  2. I’m born on the 23rd of september :P

  3. Serge

    i am beginning to find this extremely annoying i keep posting comments that dont appear..

  4. fuck, schon erem eng keier verpasst.
    ze schlemm. -.-

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