Purple rain out of bleeding clouds,
Decayed leaves on trees black all over,
Squalid districts in a deserted town,
Starving child under a rotten bench.

A crippled human walking past
The ruins of a crashed mall,
A deadened soul creeping through
The foul mud left behind.

Echoes of poltergeists moaning,
Much cry and little wool,
They have already bitten the dust.

A thirsty alcoholic drinking
The last glass of leaded water,
A dying past redemption
Expectorating till the last breath.

Harsh wind in sinister streets,
Blue light onto burning debris,
Vanishing footsteps on ashes,
Dead child under a rotten bench.


2 responses to “Inane”

  1. Hey

    Im not sure what that means but it’s pretty deep.
    Can you explain?

  2. Every reader always puts a bit of himself into a poem. I don’t want to impose a certain interpretation – well, no poet does really -, I would only limit the poem by doing that.

    You probably aren’t that wrong with your interpretation. The title, the presence of colors, the scenes described should help you in understanding the general mood. I’m well aware that at times it can be ambiguous, but that is the wonderful thing about poetry.

    No one needs to notice things like consistent structure versus the complete destruction described. Probably most people who aren’t into poetry won’t.

    Isn’t it a great thing that one reader sees the end of the world, another sees a criticism on egoism and capitalism and yet another sees complete desperation? And isn’t it a bit of everything? Or even something different? The poem is what you make of it, get the atmosphere and don’t worry if the interpretation you make is the one I intended you to make. I’ve gotten so many different interpretations from people who saw many things in my poems that I never intentionally put in them, and tell you what: I was surprised but felt quite honored about that!

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to frustrate you, on the contrary, I want to encourage you to see a poem not simply as something that has to be understood in a certain way, but to see it as something personal and dynamic, that makes you feel a certain emotion.

    And I’d be very happy to read your interpretation. :-)

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