Turning and tossing


I got drunk tonight, tried to drown my pain,
Sleep was to be my drug, but I drank in vain.
I closed my eyes for an hour, the last bottle in my hand,
But woke up now, unable to cut this band.

I saw you in my dreams, screening sand,
My little angel, so innocent and pure,
Unaware of the distress you were to endure.

I have a hangover, yet I am completely numb.
Amenable to charge, I was dumb.
Nemesis spoke a severe sentence, but I should accept.
I feel guilty, because you are dead.


2 responses to “Turning and tossing”

  1. Serge

    i can only hope it was water you drunk, cuz otherwise you know what awaits you :P

  2. Let’s say this is nothing more nor less than a debris of a not so long gone past, if it will ever be a past at all.

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