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I’m happy about 2005, because
… it means I have survived the last months of 2004, although I’m still asking myself how I did that.
… my world view has begun to change thanks to David and Gilles.
… I got to know new interesting people, some of which have alas already gone again.
… I found new friends.
… I was able to help friends, although of course it would have been better if they hadn’t needed any help.
… I got to taste sushi for the first time, and it’s yummy.
… I got to star in a short movie which I even got to edit.
… I could assist to the editing of a film for a very good friend of mine.
… I succeeded in the exams.
… old friends became even more important in my life.
… Fred came to Europe for the first time since January 2004.
… I got a break when I really needed it by travelling to Serge in Brussels and having a great time there.
… a friend was there when I needed help the most.
… the time spent in Lloret de Mar was a great week.
… I have realised what really matters in (my) life.
… “love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.”
… I decided to study English under the wire and am happy with that choice.
… it was a great year for (approximately 433% more visitors than in 2004).
… this blog became a personal success.
… I launched my own podcast.
… I finally worked seriously on “The Fallen” and wrote about 50 poems.

I wish all of you the best for 2006! See you next year. :-)

3 thoughts on “Retrospect”

  1. Fantasteschen Blog. Main perseinlechen wor emmer eischter privat. Naja. Coole ze liesen. Maach et gudd, och an desem Joer

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