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Feeling crappy

Here is tonight’s great playlist.

NORA: Writer’s Block
The Starting Line: Saddist Girl Story
Sophia: Another Trauma
Nickelback: Side Of A Bullet
Puddle Of Mudd: Life Ain’t Fair
Estrepito: Painsong
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Salvation
David Gray: Disappearing World
From Autumn To Ashes: Trapped Inside The Cage Of My Soul
Inborn: Renaissance 17.0
3 Feet Smaller: Dancing In The Rain
Down By Law: Punk As F*ck

3 thoughts on “Feeling crappy”

  1. You still awake? You got nothing better to do at half past one in the morning than posting playlists?

    F*ck, I’m online too… erm … sorry :D

  2. Of course I’m still awake, I’m a night owl – well, aren’t all geeks? ;-)

    In fact, I have something better to do than posting a playlist here, I’m listening to it! :-P And I’m currently recording a new episode for my podcast.

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