One (2)


Maybe it were her eyes, there were supernovae inside each of them when she looked at me. Or perhaps, it was her smile that would have made everyone in the world happy if they had seen it. Or mayhap, it was her holding my hand and the warmth this made me feel throughout the whole body. But most certainly, it was all of this together.

It had been a wonderful evening: we went to the cinema to watch her favourite movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, had dinner at a Moroccan restaurant and afterwards chilled out at a lounge. I could tell her wish even without her pronouncing a single word: she didn’t want to go home yet. I didn’t either.

Apart from the fountain’s water we heard burbling, the streets were filled with silence. But the scenery spoke a million words. The streets were bathed in a yellow-orangish color and the water drops were flying to show the world was real. At that moment, a thought crossed my mind about how any human could ever have believed in the Four Noble Truths or chosen to walk on the Eightfold Path. We were alive.

I am here on my knees looking up at pure light. I have nothing to offer you but my soul and my eternal care for yours. You are my universe, the perfect bubble that will never burst.

There were two other couples walking through the same street as we did, but, even if I wouldn’t have admitted it that moment, they seemed to feel a similar thing and didn’t talk. There was no use in talking, I felt linked so deeply and so close to her that words would only have taken away this magic. She didn’t say a word either and I knew that she felt the same thing. That we weren’t alone would have made me sad and taken away the singularity, but we were alone. We had our own world. A parallel universe that could be distinguished from the others’, but was unreachable for anyone else than her and me.

In my mind, I still heard Mancini’s Moonriver and saw Holly running through the rain looking for her cat. Yet, I was completely conscious of what was happening at that moment. I was living a hundred lifes in a few seconds and enjoyed every one of them at the same time.

See these stars, there are billions of them. Millions of them have planets. But nowhere is a being that could ever feel the same for you I do.

She had huddled to me and lead us to a bench opposite the fountain. She put her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her. It is a cliché, but it didn’t feel as one. It was an extraordinary moment that no other human ever felt or will feel. There was almost no light pollution and we could see all the stars clearly. The past was looking down on us, these insignificant lifes, that mattered so much for these moments.

She slowly raised her head and looked at me, her eyes giving me an insight into the purest soul that has ever existed. She smiled, but before she could say anything, I brushed her forehead with my lips and said:

“I know. I love you too.”


6 responses to “One (2)”

  1. gilles

    Like the first one…beautiful…

    (although, I don’t like the word multiverse here… even if it fits your description, I think it destroys the moment, because you expect to read universe but there is written multiverse, thus you are somehow confused…) (unless this is the emotion you wanted the reader to feel)

    (as always, just my humble opinion)

  2. Thanks! :)

    I chose ‘multiverse’ because I’ve described a few lines before how the two characters live in a parallel universe and I wanted to expand her pureness onto both universes.
    It might have been a bad choice, I’ll wait if some more people feel this way and if so, I’ll change it. Confusion isn’t the reaction at all I want the reader to have at that moment.

    Critics are always welcome. :)

  3. Serge

    ;) i hate to say it but multiverse is linked to riddick in my head :P thats sorta dumb but i cant change it .. and it doesnt provoke the right feeling for sure ;)
    love the rest though

  4. Multiverse? They talk about the underverse in the second movie where that Lord Marshall came back from as a half-dead. I can’t remember anybody speaking of a multiverse.

  5. Serge

    doesnt matter :P they may say underverse i always think multiverse :P so its still linked even if its a mistake :D

  6. Well that’s a great argument. :-P

    I’ve changed the sentence now, but I didn’t use universe as it would completely change the meaning I want the sentence to have.

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