So this, this is Christmas

Thank God we have champagne
Shrimps and caviar
On this lavish feast.
Now that we have switched off CNN
We can forget the sorrow and pain
Throughout the world,
Enjoy ourselves over wine
Ang get sloshed before midnight.
The ladys drink their babycham,
Gentlemen smoke Cuban cigars
Lit with Abe’s capes.

Thank God we are the rich,
And the poor are distant theys.
A cantankerous old man
Tells me we should help the poor
But only today.
He has bought each of his grandchildren
Four PSPs and six HDTVs
And spent twenty dollars to Unicef
For orphans in South Africa.

Thank God we have a caring family
Who looks after its members
When it finds the time in between
the Financial Times and Bloomberg TV.

Thank God when we have survived this day
And can run to the shops to change the presents
On December 27th it all is finally over,
And we can try to lose our weight,
To become fat again, next year.

So this, this is Christmas,
Christmas without you.

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