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“Jo, moien emol.”

Beglüssen Sie mit mil den Hell del Langsamkeit!

Same procedure as every year. For the third time in a row, I’ve gone watching Rüdiger Hoffmann yesterday evening. And he was great. A completely dark hall, then Rüdiger Hoffmann’s voice imitating a Chinese announcing himself, then spotlights turning round the stage on rock music – if I hadn’t known better, I’d have thought some rock star was about to come on stage. And then a dancing (!) Rüdiger Hoffmann jumped on stage and danced for minutes! Having greeted his audience with his traditional “Jo, moien emol!” he had the whole hall on his side.

Ich habe mir dann den String von Omas Freundin über die Schultern gezogen…

Although I knew many of his jokes by heart – which, considering it was a Best Of isn’t very surprising – I still fell about with laughter. But the very best came only at the end, after the official show was over, that is his first encore and his second and his third – which wasn’t as anyone would have expected. In fact, the show yesterday was the last one of his Europe tour, which meant all of his crew coming on stage, drinking champagne and presenting him with flowers.

Die stehen ja!

At the encores Rüdiger Hoffmann was just warming up, making fun of the audience, the Luxemburgish culture and of his crew. He presented his very first sketch “Mein Mitbewohner und ich” – which made him the famous star he is today. The encores lasted for over half an hour and, in the end, made the audience celebrate this great cabaret artist with a standing ovation – anything less would have been blasphemy.

Ihr ward das geilste Publikum der ganzen Tournee!

After having thanked the audience half a dozen times and having disappeared behind the curtains one could hear him say to his crew “Hammergeil!” – his microfone obviously still being switched on. Now what greater compliment could an artist make to his audience.

Berni nennt das den Atem des Drachen…

After last year had been a little bit disappointing for a Rüdiger Hoffmann show, this year was the comedian at his highest, and I’m really looking forward to next year’s show!

4 thoughts on ““Jo, moien emol.””

  1. Raffael Mancini

    Dat ass lo schon dei 3. Keier wou ech hie verpasst hun.

  2. Ech war hien d´lescht Joer kucken, an ech soen just: Genial :)

    Iwwregens: Deitsch Oral 2005, an den Sall eran goen, an dann “Ja, hallo erstmal!” :) Hoffen daat gett gew?ºrdegt :)

  3. Net opreegen Raff, e k?´nnt n?§chst Jo?´r garant?©iert och erem heihinner sou w?©i deen emmer vum l?´tzebuergeschen Publikum schw?§rmt. (siehe Interview mam Raab bei TV Total :))

    An d’lescht Jo?´r war en nach zimlech schwaach. ;-)

    lol Haal eis um Laafenden op et dofir e Pluspunkt gett. :-)

  4. @ Raff: jo den R?ºdiger kennt bestemmt och n?§chst Jo?´r erem op L?´tzebuerg! Ech waarden drop w?©ini, dass hien 2 Mol an engem Jo?´r hei hinner kennt op “Ettelbreck, wie wir so sagen!”

    @Thierrry and Gilles: also wann ech Proff w?§er h?§tt den Sch?ºler schon direkt en Pluspunkt! :)

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