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The Christmas market in Trier

I don’t like Christmas markets. Or at least I thought so. For years I haven’t found anything Christmas-like on the Luxemburgish Christmas market, which takes place on the Place d’Armes.

So, my brother and I decided to go searching for a real Christmas market abroad and went to Trier this afternoon. It’s probably the first time I felt like being on a Christmas market. It’s much bigger than the Luxemburgish one and it had everything you would look for on a Christmas market: artists presenting nice Christmas decorations, the smell of chestnuts, mulled wine. The mulled wine you’ll find on the Luxemburgish Christmas market too, but much more excessively and it would be the only thing related to Christmas you could find. The smell of chestnuts could be found, but it would probably be hard to distinguish from the smell of fatty acid coming from the fish and chips stalls. Looking for stalls selling Christmas decorations would be a complete waste of your time.

I’m happy I went to Trier today, and I will go there again, if not this year – for which I’m unfortunately lacking the time – then certainly next year. For all those of you who expect a little more from a Christmas market than mulled wine, I’d recommend spending a day in Trier, it’s close and it’s cheap to get there (train ticket costs about 4€).

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