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The Da Vinci Code

Finally it’s here! After an ingenious teaser, where I’m still asking myself how long it took them to render the whole thing, Sony Pictures released the first full length trailer today. It’s available in the three normal sizes, as well as three HD formats and in M4V for those geeks who own an iPod Video.

I love this trailer! Impressive images, fantastic music and Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou fit better into their respective roles than I thought, which mostly is due to their haircut I think. Well you can see for yourself, I’ve posted pictures of Hanks and Tautou below.

If you have the technical means (a big screen – although 1024×768 is sufficient for the 480p version – a fast CPU and, of course, QuickTime 7) I strongly recommend the HiDef trailer!

4 thoughts on “The Da Vinci Code”

  1. gotta say that the hidef is not impressing me by all means… the font is pixelated and looks simply blown up from the small trailer, even fully downloaded wide camera angle mouvements seem sluggish (which may be a performance problem i acknowledge that).
    and sorry but i guess i will start to hate hanks in the robert role from now on .. that haircut looks silly ;) and he looks old :D too old :P

  2. Even if i am no Brown fan : i liked the da vinci code :) (i am reproaching brown for being a lazy storywriter who writes after a cooking recipe) and i am sure as hell it could be a awesome film .. while here i fear we will only have an above average :P

  3. I had no problems with the 480p version, but you better have not run any other apps at the same time. If you want to, you can check the requirements for playing HD videos flawlessly here:

    Yes, the fonts are a bit pixelated but they still had to optimize the file for downloading. But for 30 megabytes it’s an awesome quality I think (I’m talking about the 480p version here, I haven’t watched the others, my screen’s too small :)). And honestly I don’t care about the fonts, it’s not what we’re going to see in the movie afterwards. :)

    I don’t think the haircut looks silly, it’s the way I imagined Langdon to have his hair. :) How silly would it have looked to see Hanks with his normal curly hair? Hanks is old. But still he looks far younger here than he does in other films. I’m not happy with the producer’s choice, but I have to accept it and I got to admit that it’s not as bad as I thought at first.

    Perhaps it’s senseless discussing about the trailer when I know you aren’t a Brown fan, so I guess we’d better take it as the old Romans and don’t argue about taste, we certainly wouldn’t agree anyway. :)

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