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New design

I felt like a change, so here’s a new design. It’s based on the Red Train theme. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

And stay tuned, for the third part in the Anarchy series is coming. :-)

4 thoughts on “New design”

  1. I think that the borders are a bit too big; and white text on black background is somehow boring?!
    And :) Wenn adding comments, the fields for the name etc are unpossible to decypher :)

  2. I like the borders the way they are. :-P

    What isn’t boring? Black text on white background as it was previously was more boring I think. It’s meant to be read(able) – nothing more nor less – so I won’t fiddle about it.

    Thanks for the information! I didn’t notice that error, as I was already logged in when I tested the design and therefore didn’t see the same interface to comment on a post as visitors do. I’ve changed it and it should now be readable.

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