Anarchy (2): Justice

Justice. Does it exist? Could it exist? Or is it an ideal, an illusion we only create to have the hope to confront ourselves to the future – and the present?

I claim there is justice. The fact that we still need laws and courts proves that we haven’t found it yet. If we knew justice, it would certainly seem so logical that every human would accept it freely.

It is sad that our society is so blinded by corrupt information that only few still know how we could achieve this justice. Communism isn’t accepted by a large part of the population, as they associate this term with Russia in the last century – which of course had not much to do with communism. Anarchy isn’t accepted by the society, as most think of punks and their chaos days when they hear this term – which, in fact, is called anomy and is the complete opposite of anarchy.

We’re running. But why don’t we see the goal? The answer is simple: we’re heading in the wrong direction. Not only do most people ignore the theoretic concepts, humans aren’t ready yet either. We’re far from perfection and it doesn’t seem as if we were getting anywhere near it in the next centuries. As an anarchist I’m perfectly concious of the fact that such a change cannot be forced upon humanity, it has to come from within, by free choice. Still, hope makes me believe that one day we might get there.

Why doesn’t every human dream of a society where there are no prejudices, where everyone accepts his fellow citizens the way they are? Logic would do its job in this case: if every human were tolerant, we wouldn’t have to worry about what to do with people who hate people for their otherness.

How can an anarchist live in today’s world? How can he live with the knowledge that there are thousands of people filled with hate for others, simply because they’re different? For one, their is hope that this will stop one day, but most importantly I don’t hate those people. I pity them. I pity them for their ignorance: how many fantastic men will they never know only because they discriminate them?

Yet, to prevent all misunderstandings, I do not tolerate people who torture and kill others for being different, they should be punished. But we cannot afford to hate them, as such a feeling would degrade us to their level.

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