Anarchy (1): Informed Society


Over the last centuries we hated and killed American Indians, the Maya, Jews, Afro-Americans. The striving for power is it what makes us weak. Humanity gave up on the future when a man killed another man the first time. Their could be some hope if only some more people could see the escape. But, our society’s being too much manipulated. Tv channels, newspapers, they all give us only a tiny bit of information, which, often, is totally misleading. How come a German paper, which writes the most misleading and most corrupt articles, is the most sold newspaper in the whole of Europe? Don’t we deserve to know the truth?

No, we don’t. As long as we read newspapers such as this German one, we get the information we deserve. Everybody knows they are right-shifted, everyone knows they often write erroneous articles. Yet, millions of people take these articles for the truth. Isn’t it the duty of the other people to show them they are getting the wrong kind of information?

We live in a so called informed society, but most of the time this information is only the one the newspapers want us to have. Why do Americans hold on to the idea that the war in Iraq has a just cause? Because they are told so. News channels keep reporting about the brave soldiers who fight to free that country. I would claim that Americans don’t deserve to know the truth – most of them know how many people have already died in this war and still they keep being convinced that America is making the world a better place to live – but, they have been having their brains washed. They have no real free will anymore, and those who dare express thoughts contrary to the ones proclaimed by Bush and his government are being persecuted.

Is all hope lost? Are we running towards perdition?


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