Lunacy – A Madman’s Mind


For all those of you who like a bit more complex prose: here’s the edited version of Lunacy. Enjoy. :-)

Light vanishes into the shadows fading to darkness weaker slowly ultimately it does not fight why does it not it does not want to be extinguished why has it given up love woven into the beams that created us it diminishes hope come back to me delirium tremens what have I done there she walks no alone among her ilks but they are not but they do not recognize her they don’t know His favourite angel steps beside them she levitates how could they why do you hold her down here water liquid fire streaming flowing stream stream stream flow ignorants forsaken ground finally everything is black shattered black segments that should form a whole apart dark a part splinters of glass a blurry window into the past overwhelming the past that never was hollow a mirror that shows a person I want who never existed could I have foreseen at the bottom smashed to the ground desperation in a delirium she too sentences break down staccato who am I who am I to pity her why these thoughts meaningless words senseless stop where is the meaning rebell go I’ve been here been gone in actions where’s the escape is there she walks past me why do you go the world turns in slow motion I know it doesn’t while she slowly raises her head I don’t looks at me isn’t that she smiles never a world so ethereal how did she get here I don’t know but I did labyrinth the only thing I could say is there isn’t a truth that could calm me I’m not trying to find the exit am I a maze of narrow alleys foreign city erring I am not welcome welcome stranger city of darkness we welcome you to buried deep down here alluring how to run into a higher sphere been here before does it matter won’t return does it matter enter into this room fall my angel cannot rise angel come down look at me to me hello please do you’ll have to learn this I’m calling on you let the fire finish my work fall anything will I catch you hit the ground so heavy red tears no something does what fall this tell me teach me what a mandatory requirement if you knew don’t say I’m too demanding if I knew help fall at last I embrace you my beloved death kill the guilt I will never know obsession been here been gone have I have


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