Yet another…


Unbelievable what kinds of ‘personal tests’ are out there on the net. I’ve never screamed in a microphone so far… But I hate punk rock so at least it’s partially correct :-)

you are “emo core”! you started off small and worked your way deeper into the scene. you sometimes shudder at more generic emo bands but
still lay down respect to them. don’t let indie kids or punk rockers push you down because technically you’re just as (or more) underground as they are. keep screaming into the mic!
*how emo are you?*


4 responses to “Yet another…”

  1. Serge

    you are either a “punk” or an “indiesnob”! why don’t you go start a shit-coreband or listen to some pavement!
    *how emo are you?* brought to you by Quizilla

  2. Wow ‘punk’ seems to be quite an insult for emos… :-)

  3. sublime

    Fir leit dei sech besschen fir emo-kultur intresseiren, hei ass eng leiw parodie op den emo-trend tp://

  4. Witzeg dee Video :-) Merci fir den Tipp.

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