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Escape to Witch Mountain

It’s kind of weird. Did you ever see a movie that you remembered through your whole life? I keep remembering scenes out of a movie I saw when I was about 10 years old, and I only saw it once. I don’t actually know if I always remembered those scenes, or if this only started recently – by which I simply want to say that I might have forgotten about the movie for a certain time, don’t take ‘recently’ literally. :-)

Although I’ve remembered scenes from the film, I could never remember the title until yesterday afternoon. By pure coincidence I saw an actor out of that movie on tv in a series called Remington Steele. Thanks to the IMDb I found out his name’s Vincent Schiavelli and I found out the movie’s called Escape to Witch Mountain. Now guess what I saw when I headed over to Amazon and looked for it: it’s neither out on VHS (could have been the case considering the movie’s ten years old) nor on DVD.

But my actual question is: why has this film influenced me? Doing some basic self-analysis of who I am today, I could lead back some things to it. As far as I know, it was the first fantasy / science-fiction movie I saw. Of course, it was family entertainment – a Disney movie – so there’s no comparison to Lord of the Rings and alike, but everyone has to start somewhere don’t they?

Furthermore I love the idea of two children discovering they don’t really fit into the world they live in and actually have supernatural powers – could that be the trigger to make me feel like an alien myself?

Perhaps I simply remember the movie because I’m nostalgic, and these other reasons are simply an attempt to find a logically comprehensible reason. (I got Lois & Clark – The new adventures of Superman on DVD last month only because I loved to watch the series when I was younger. It’s quite funny to see how primitive special effects were back twelve years ago.)

So now I’m waiting to Escape to Witch Mountain being released on DVD.

It’s a meaningless post in the end, I know, but I can’t always write about pr0n now can I? Quite surprising the iPr0n post’s the first one that got two comments from readers. Guess you’re right Raff: sex sells. :-)

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