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November 2005

Anarchy (1): Informed Society

Over the last centuries we hated and killed American Indians, the Maya, Jews, Afro-Americans. The striving for power is it what makes us weak. Humanity gave up on the future when a man killed another man the first time. Their could be some hope if only some more people could see the escape. But, our society’s being too much manipulated. Tv channels, newspapers, they all give us only a tiny bit of information, which, often, is totally misleading. How come a German paper, which writes the most misleading and most corrupt articles, is the most sold newspaper in the whole of Europe? Don’t we deserve to know the truth?

No, we don’t. As long as we read newspapers such as this German one, we get the information we deserve. Everybody knows they are right-shifted, everyone knows they often write erroneous articles. Yet, millions of people take these articles for the truth. Isn’t it the duty of the other people to show them they are getting the wrong kind of information?

We live in a so called informed society, but most of the time this information is only the one the newspapers want us to have. Why do Americans hold on to the idea that the war in Iraq has a just cause? Because they are told so. News channels keep reporting about the brave soldiers who fight to free that country. I would claim that Americans don’t deserve to know the truth – most of them know how many people have already died in this war and still they keep being convinced that America is making the world a better place to live – but, they have been having their brains washed. They have no real free will anymore, and those who dare express thoughts contrary to the ones proclaimed by Bush and his government are being persecuted.

Is all hope lost? Are we running towards perdition?


dedicated to someone

there was a past
hovering maybe
but so decent
out of another sphere
and to it all was white
what was black to others

beloved remember
remember and moan
too rare is chance
when autumn comes
and leaves
a memory
forever ice burns
what is eternal

a past
so present

hovering truly

bright beams
shining from then
remembering a you

a sadness

CIA File on Luxembourg

I’ve just stumbled over this page:

So in 2003, Luxembourg obviously spent over 230 million dollars on military expenditures…

Luxemburgish Weblog Index has published a list with Luxemburgish weblogs. It’s a wiki, and everyone is invited to add new blogs, if he knows of any who are still missing in this index. I think it is a great idea to get an overview on who’s blogging in our small country. There seem to be some interesting blogs among them, so check it out.

ethereal dawn

endearing might

poor surfaces
in the deep

rubicund sky
hold and suffer


cursing world
sad and beautiful

Lunacy – A Madman’s Mind

For all those of you who like a bit more complex prose: here’s the edited version of Lunacy. Enjoy. :-)

Light vanishes into the shadows fading to darkness weaker slowly ultimately it does not fight why does it not it does not want to be extinguished why has it given up love woven into the beams that created us it diminishes hope come back to me delirium tremens what have I done there she walks no alone among her ilks but they are not but they do not recognize her they don’t know His favourite angel steps beside them she levitates how could they why do you hold her down here water liquid fire streaming flowing stream stream stream flow ignorants forsaken ground finally everything is black shattered black segments that should form a whole apart dark a part splinters of glass a blurry window into the past overwhelming the past that never was hollow a mirror that shows a person I want who never existed could I have foreseen at the bottom smashed to the ground desperation in a delirium she too sentences break down staccato who am I who am I to pity her why these thoughts meaningless words senseless stop where is the meaning rebell go I’ve been here been gone in actions where’s the escape is there she walks past me why do you go the world turns in slow motion I know it doesn’t while she slowly raises her head I don’t looks at me isn’t that she smiles never a world so ethereal how did she get here I don’t know but I did labyrinth the only thing I could say is there isn’t a truth that could calm me I’m not trying to find the exit am I a maze of narrow alleys foreign city erring I am not welcome welcome stranger city of darkness we welcome you to buried deep down here alluring how to run into a higher sphere been here before does it matter won’t return does it matter enter into this room fall my angel cannot rise angel come down look at me to me hello please do you’ll have to learn this I’m calling on you let the fire finish my work fall anything will I catch you hit the ground so heavy red tears no something does what fall this tell me teach me what a mandatory requirement if you knew don’t say I’m too demanding if I knew help fall at last I embrace you my beloved death kill the guilt I will never know obsession been here been gone have I have

Lunacy – A Soliloquy

Upon several requests, I finally decided to publish another one of my prose texts. My special thanks go to B. for the inspirational conversation.

Three years ago. Two years ago. A time of his life he will never get back. Maybe he would never want to have back all these years. It has changed him deeply, it has made him the man he is today. But still he feels there is something missing. Something of a crucial importance. It is not true friendship, nor is it the belief in a higher being that could be the cause for his feeling of emptiness. It might be love, but love is nothing more than neurons racing from one synapsis to the next, hormones speeding up, rushing through the whole body, resulting in what in the vernacular is known as falling in love. Yet, does he know this? Is he conscious that this feeling that seems so special is universal, experienced by everyone in the same way? Is he aware of the fact that it is only a biochemical process, necessary to ensure the survival of the human race?

Is music only a series of waves? Who would dare to say that a human form of expression old thousands of years is that banal and thus cannot be of such a great importance which it is accounted. Who would therefore dare to say the same thing about love which is given even more importance, which is being regarded as an essential part of our existence? A man who has lost everything and does know that giving love this great significance can only lead to complete desperation may dare to state this. Or a man who has thought about the utility of a feeling that is considered as being of the utmost concern in a world which is dominated by fear and hate. But shouldn’t we give love even more significance in a world that is dominated by such a grave feeling?

(Aside) Light vanishes into the shadows. Fading to darkness. It gets weaker. Slowly. Ultimately. It does not fight, yet it does not want to be extinguished. Why has it given up? Love woven into the beams that created us. It diminishes. Hope. Been here. Been gone. Come back to me. Delirium tremens. What have I done? There she walks. No! Alone. Among her ilks. They are not. They do not recognize her. They do not know God’s favourite angel steps beside them. Levitates. How could they? Why do you hold her down here? Ignorants. Forsaken ground. Finally. Everything is black. Shattered. Segments that should form a whole. Apart. A part. Splinters of glass. A window into the past. Overwhelming! The past that never was. Hollow. A mirror that shows a person who never existed. Could I have foreseen? At the bottom. Smashed to the ground. Desperation. In a delirium, she, too. Sentences. Break down. Staccato. Why these thoughts? Meaningless words. Stop. Where is the meaning? Rebell! Go. Been here. Been gone. In actions. Where’s the escape? She walks past me, the world turns in slow motion while she slowly raises her head, looks at me and smiles. Never has the world been so ethereal. Isn’t that? How did she get here? I don’t know. But I did. Labyrinth. The only thing I could say. Is there a truth that could calm me? I’m not trying to find the exit. Am I? A maze of narrow alleys. Foreign city. Alluring. I am not welcome. Welcome stranger. City of darkness. Buried deep down here. How to run into a higher sphere? Been here. Been gone. Does it matter in the end? Won’t return. Enter into this room. Fall my angel. I cannot rise. Angel! Come down to me. Hello. You’ll have to learn these chapters. I’m calling on you. Let the fire finish my work. Fall. Anything? Will I catch you? Hit the ground so heavy. Red tears. No. Something does. What? Fall. Tell me. Teach me. What a mandatory requirement. Don’t say I’m too demanding. Help. Fall. Finally. I embrace you death. Kill the guilt. I will never know. Been here. Been gone. Have I?

No, we should not.

Think Different

“… because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

We all know the web’s a great place to find interesting and cool stuff, and today I stumbled over an old Apple ad that the geeks among you might like. :-) In my opinion the best ad beside the 1984 ad by the folks at Cupertino. Enjoy.

Watch. (1 minute, H.264, 2.3 MB)

Yet another…

Unbelievable what kinds of ‘personal tests’ are out there on the net. I’ve never screamed in a microphone so far… But I hate punk rock so at least it’s partially correct :-)

you are “emo core”! you started off small and worked your way deeper into the scene. you sometimes shudder at more generic emo bands but
still lay down respect to them. don’t let indie kids or punk rockers push you down because technically you’re just as (or more) underground as they are. keep screaming into the mic!
*how emo are you?*


Light born in perfection,
Blue, white and black.
Never has a human seen
Anything so beautiful.

A rain drop falls, so slowly
That it almost doesn’t.

The world stops turning,
For a second –
For three eternities and forever.

A higher being listens to the Choir,
I’m stumbling through silence.
An archangel levitates towards me,
Hovers over this holy ground,
And whispers:

Look, here it is,
Your proof of God.
Now go, rejoice
In this death.