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Long gone and forgotten

Exactly eight months. It isn’t even a year. We have forgotten her already. The media doesn’t cover the story anymore. Other news became more interesting. More important. More present.

Do you remember the woman who fought against death? Do you remember President Bush jr changing laws to save her life? Do you remember a family fighting for their daughter’s right to live? What was her name? Do you remember?

Some people certainly won’t remember. CNN and other news channels have filled their heads with other news. Whether they are more important or not remains to be seen.

What about the big scandal? People screaming out their belief that nobody should ever have the right to kill another human being, and certainly not on the untrustworthy basis of a still-husband who’s had an affair for years. What about webpages going online every day to ensure she survives? What about almost the whole internet suffering a quake when hundreds of weblogs wrote about a woman in coma who became a discussion a whole country had to deal with? Has the problem of active and passive euthanasia ever been solved? It’s a discussion that has never been finished, the woman died and the case was closed.

I know, the whole has been treated by the media to such a large extent that nobody could know what really happened. Both parties claimed her version to be the truth, and nobody could possibly find his way through the jungle of contradictorious informations. There just weren’t any reliable sources.

Or hasn’t she been forgotten after-all? Is there anybody who still thinks about the problem behind this scandal? Even months after her death? Actually, yes, there is. A community which everyone of you has heard of or is perhaps even a part of: Wikipedia. The main article about the woman fighting against death and losing against a court is one of the longest I have seen on Wikipedia. She will be remembered. What was her name again?

Theresa Marie Schiavo
3.12.1963 – 31.3.2005
Requiescat In Pace

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