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Ben’s 20th

Friday October 28th. That was quite an evening. Who would have thought one could have so much fun with people one doesn’t know very well? Actually, I was a bit sceptical going to a party where I didn’t even know if there were any people I knew, beside Ben of course. But it was his 20th birthday. A special (birth)day in my opinion. And a person’s birthday who once was there to help when I needed someone to talk to. A conversation I’m still thankful today.

I hadn’t passed such an enjoyable evening for some time, I can’t think of any second where there wasn’t anyone laughing. My face’s muscles hurted from the continuous laughing. But it was an agreable hurt, I didn’t even think about it, there was just no time, before you could calm down and breath some air the next joke came in and made you laugh even more.

Laughing is one of the most important and oldest human skills, it has evolved all over the human evolution. It expresses that one feels comfortable and trusts the people around. I certainly felt comfortable during those hours. Most surely it was also the pleasure of seeing a friend again who I hadn’t seen in a long time – talking about losing friends.

What surprises me is that I took so few pictures. I who usually take flash photographs one after an other faster than Lucky Luke shoots his shadow…

Again, all the best for your 20th birthday Ben! May there follow many more decades.

The video with Ben playing his djembe can be found here (1.5 MB, H.264, QuickTime 7 required).

And here are a few impressions:

Ben gets a djembe

A historical moment: Alain stands up to get some more Tiramisù

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