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Check that out

There are many blogs that aren’t even worth the few kilobytes the HTML pages take up. But a few minutes ago, I found a blog that’s worth every bit and byte of space and of reading every single entry:

Yes, it’s about the famous German newspaper – if you dare call it a ‘newspaper’. No, it’s no blog which makes even more propaganda for the stories that are made-up most of the time. Actually, they take the most stupid articles – you guess right, there’s a lot of them! – list them and explain what Bild did wrong this time. You can actually learn something reading that blog, I’d never have known that a strong wind has to be a 118 km/h fast to be called ‘hurricane’.

The watchblog got this year’s Grimme Online Award and is written by four mediajournalists (who use pseudonyms).

That’s a blog you have got to check out. I’ve already bookmarked the feed in my browser. :-)

Have fun.

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