The Drama


It’s amazing how many good bands are out there without ever anyone noticing them, or at least, without having the mainstream absorb it as it does with nearly everything. In most cases bands are better as long as they don’t belong to the pop culture, often they get standardized as soon as they have a big label who just sees the millions of dollars to gain instead of the extraordinary music their bands once created. I hope this band never becomes a part of the mainstream. They are A Perfect Circle before anyone having known them. Well, who knows A Perfect Circle anyway? In fact I only know of one person. (Greetz Yves :-)) But then, thinking about it, they already were on the soundtrack of Constantine, so they can’t be that unknown in the States.

The Drama play fresh, new good old real rock. They’ve been around in the underground scene for some time now, and as most bands they hope to become a part of that oh so great mainstream, which I, honestly, would find a shame seeing such a good band as The Drama being played on every radio station.

Now that 10 Years has become a part of the pop culture, at least in the US, and may lose their uniqueness, becoming just another rock band that’s as bad as any other band in the mainstream, all my hope lies with The Drama at this time. :-) But, perchance, 10 Years might survive the big labels’ greed…

For those of you who’d like to get a sample of The Drama’s music, the iTunes Music Store has got some of their songs, even if it aren’t the best ones, they are still fun to listen to. To head over to The Drama’s songs on Apple’s iTMS, simply click here.

Their official website can be found at, where they’ve also got some other great songs to listen to, which, personally, I like a lot more than those featured on the music store.


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